Friday Five: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Happy Friday!  I always enjoy reading posts where you get to know the blogger a little better, so I thought sharing some facts about me would be a fun way to head into the weekend.

1.  I was diagnosed with pretty significant scoliosis when I was 5.  I had a 45 degree curve in my thoracic (middle) spine.  I had to wear a back brace throughout elementary school and was supposed to have surgery to have rods placed in my back once I got older, but somehow my back straightened out.  The doctor who followed me said there is no explanation for how it got better, but I am certainly thankful that it did!

I am also thankful that I only had to wear that brace while I was young.  I was young enough at the time that I wasn’t teased for it and it was never a huge deal for me.  I just thought everyone had to do something like that.  Hearing my parents talk about it now, I realize it was probably much harder for them to watch their little girl wear all this metal than it ever was for me to be doing it!  My mom sewed me special pillows that snapped around the hard parts of the brace to make it more comfortable for sleeping and always did her best to buy me clothes that hid the brace.  In this super old school pic you can see what looks like a big ring around my neck (I’m the one in the purple).  Fortunately, I only had to wear this super high-necked brace for a little over a year and then was able to switch to one that was more discrete.293154_10150282385158159_5973788_n

The only issue that I still have is that my ribcage is rotated on my right side and my hips are slightly uneven.  You can only see the ribcage thing when I bend over and even then it’s not super noticeable.  I was very lucky to have not needed surgery!

2.  I have had a total of 20 teeth pulled in my lifetime.  14 were baby teeth that just wouldn’t come out, 4 were molars that just didn’t fit and 2 were wisdom teeth.  What can I say, I have a small mouth and big teeth!  After 2 retainers, braces and removal of all of those teeth, I’d say my smile looks pretty good now!


After typing these 2, I’m realizing it took a lot of work to get me to where I am today!

3.  I am obsessed with finding the best pen for work.  Since I spend most of my day writing, I place a lot of value in a good pen.  It’s pretty sad, but my co-workers and I all get pretty excited over finding the best pen! Right now I’m loving these:

4.  I’ve been known to eat ice cream or fro-yo for dinner.  This doesn’t happen too often and definitely happened a lot more before the little guy was here, but once in a while I just feel like something sweet.  Sometimes skipping dinner and going right to dessert is completely acceptable in my book!  My favorite flavor is Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Health Bar Crunch.

5.  I love yoga and actually signed up for 2 different teacher trainings that were being offered near my home.  Both were cancelled at the last-minute due to low enrollment, so I have yet to follow through with it!  Most of the programs I’ve seen are too long for me to be away from my family at this stage in the game, so I guess it’s a goal that will have to wait for now!

What are some facts that few people know about you?  What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?  Any fun plans for the weekend?

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